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Department of Mechanical Engineering
Dr. Shih-Jung Liu _ Professor
  Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison, U.S.A.
Field:Polymer Materials and Processing
Research Topics:Polymer Processing, Polymer Materials, Biomaterials
TEL:03-2118800 ext 5347
LAB:Polymer Pheology and Processing Lab.
TEL:03-2118800 ext 5724


Research of Interest

Polymer Processing, Polymer Materials, Biomaterials


Selected Publication
  1. S.J. Liu, F.J. Chiang, C.Y. Hsiao, Y.C. Kau, K.S. Liu. Fabrication of Balloon-expandable Self-lock Drug-eluting Polycaprolactone Stents Using Micro-injection Molding and Spray Coating Techniques. Annals of Biomedical Engineering, 38, 3185-3194 (2010) (SCI)
  2. Y.J. Peng, Y.C. Kau, C.W. Wen, K.S. Liu and S.J. Liu*, Solvent-Free Biodegradable Scleral Plugs Providing Sustained Release of Vancomycin, Amikacin and Dexamethasone – An In Vivo Study, Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part A, 94A, 426–432 (2010) (SCI) (指導作者)
  3. S.J. Liu, K.M. Peng, Rotational Molding of Polycarbonate Reinforced Polyethylene Composites: Processing parameters and properties, Polymer Engineering and Science, 50, 1457-1465 (2010) (SCI)--- NSC95-2221-E-182-032-MY3
  4. S.J. Liu, H.F. Cheng, The Influence of Interface Geometry on the Joint Strengths of Hot Plate Welded Composites, Journal of Reinforced Plastics and Composites, 29, 497-509 (2010) (SCI)--- NSC95-2221-E-182-032-MY3
  5. S.J. Liu, Y.C. Huang, S.Y. Yang, K.H. Hsieh, Rapid Fabrication of Surface-relief Plastic Diffusers by Ultrasonic Embossing, Optics and Laser Technology, 42, 794-798 (2010) (SCI)--- NSC96-2221-E-182-032-MY3
  6. S.J. Liu, Y.C. Kau, C.Y. Chou, J.K. Chen, R.C. Wu, W.L. Yeh. Electrospun PLGA/collagen nanofibrous membrane as early-stage wound dressing. Journal of Membrane Science, 355, 53-39 (2010) (SCI)
  7. K.Y. Lin, S.J. Liu*, Morphology of Fluid Assisted Injection Molded Polycarbonate/Polyethylene Blends, Macromolecular Materials and Engineering, 295, 342-350 (2010) (SCI)--- NSC95-2221-E-182-032-MY3 (指導作者)
  8. Y.J. Peng, C.W. Wen, S.H. Chiou, S.J. Liu*, Sustained Release of Ganciclovir and Foscarnet from Biodegradable Scleral Plugs for the Treatment of Cytomegalovirus Retinitis, Biomaterials, 31, 1773-1779 (2010) (SCI) (指導作者)
  9. S.J. Liu, Y.C. Huang, Manufacture of dual-side surface-relief diffusers with various cross angles using ultrasonic embossing technique, Optics Express, 17, 18083-18092 (2009) (SCI)
  10. K.Y. Lin, S.J. Liu*, The Influence of Processing Parameters on Fingering Formation in Fluid Assisted Injection Molded Disks, Polymer Engineering and Science, 49, 2257-2263 (2009) (SCI) --- NSC95-2221-E-182-032-MY3 (指導作者)
  11. S.J. Liu, P.C. Su, Novel Three-Dimensional In-Cavity Transient Temperature Measurements in Injection Molding and Fluid Assisted Injection Molding, Polymer Testing, 28, 66-74 (2009) (SCI) --- NSC95-2221-E-182-032-MY3
  12. S.J. Liu, Y.C. Kau, C.W. Liaw, Y.J. Peng, In-Vitro Elution of Vancomycin /Amikacin/Steroid from Solvent-free Biodegradable Scleral Plugs, International Journal of Pharmaceutics, 370, 75-80 (2009) (SCI)
  13. T.S. Fu, W.J. Ceh, L.H. Chen, S.S. Lin, S.J. Liu, S.W.N. Ueng, Enhancement of Posterolateral Lumbar Spine Fusion Using Low-Dose rhBMP-2 and Cultured Marrow Stromal Cells , Journal of Orthopaedic Research, 27, 380-384 (2009) (SCI)
  14. S.J. Liu, C.L. Hsueh, S.W.N. Ueng, S.S. Lin, J.K. Chen, Manufacture of Solvent-free Poly-lactic-glycolic Acid (PLGA) Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering, Asia Pacific Journal of Chemical Engineering, 4, 154-160 (2009) (SCI)
  15. S.J. Liu, P.C. Su, K.Y. Lin, In-situ Temperature Measurements in the Depths of Injection Molded Parts, Measurement, 42, 771-777 (2009) (SCI) --- NSC95-2221-E-182-032-MY3 
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