Dr.Kin Fong Lei _ Associate Professor

  Ph.D., The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Field:Microfluidics; Bio-sensing; MEMS
Research Topics:Electrical immunoassay chip; Manipulation of bio-molecules; Microfluidic diagnostic devices; Investigation of microfluidic mixing
TEL:03-2118800 ext 5345
LAB:Bio-MEMS LaboratoryTEL:


l          Ph.D., Automation and Computer-Aided Engineering, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
l          M.Phil., Mechanical and Automation Engineering, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
l          B.Eng., National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan


Research of Interest

Bio-MEMS, Microfluidics, Manipulation of Bio-molecules, Bio-sensing


Selected Publication 

1.          Kin Fong Lei*, Chia-Hao Huang, “Paper-based Microreactor Integrating Cell Culture and Subsequent Immunoassay for the Investigation of Cellular Phosphorylation”, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 6:22423-22429, 2014.

2.          Kin Fong Lei*, Shih-I Yang, Shiao-Wen Tsai, Hsiao-Ting Hsu, “Paper-based Microfluidic Sensing Device for Label-free Immunoassay Demonstrated by Biotin-Avidin Binding Interaction”, Talanta, 134:264-270, 2015..

3.          Kin Fong Lei*, I-Chi Lee*, Yung-Chiang Liu, Yu-Chieh Wu, “Successful Differentiation of Neural Stem/Progenitor Cells Cultured on Electrically Adjustable Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) Surface”, Langmuir, 30:14241-14249, 2014.

4.          Cihun-Siyong Alex Gong, Kin Fong Lei*, Yih-Shiou Hwang, Jia-Hua Zhang, Tim C. Lei, “Impedimetric Detection of Whole Blood Concentration for Early Detection of Intraocular Hemorrhage”, Microelectronic Engineering, 129:70-76, 2014.

5.          Kin Fong Lei*, Kuan-Hao Chen, Yu-Chen Chang, "Protein Binding Reaction Enhanced by Bi-directional Flow Driven by on-chip Thermopneumatic Actuator", Biomedical Microdevices, 16:325-332, 2014.

6.          Yen-Heng Lin*, Chia-Chu Wang, Kin Fong Lei, "Bubble-driven Mixer Integrated with a Microfluidic Bead-based ELISA for Rapid Bladder Cancer Biomarker Detection", Biomedical Microdevices, 16:199-207, 2014.

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11.      Kin Fong Lei*, Kuan-Hao Chen, Po-Hsiang Tsui, Ngan-Ming Tsang, "Real-time Electrical Impedimetric Monitoring of Blood Coagulation Process under Temperature and Hematocrit Variations Conducted in a Microfluidic Chip", PLoS ONE, 8:e76243, 2013.

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14.      Wen-Wei Tsai, Ming-Yih Lee*, Wen-Lin Yeh, Shih-Chung Cheng, Kok-Soon Soon, Kin Fong Lei, Wen-Yen Lin, "A Quantitative Method for Evaluating Inferior Glenohumeral Joint Stiffness using Ultrasonography", Medical Engineering & Physics, 35:236-240, 2013.

15.      Kin Fong Lei*, "Recent Developments and Patents on Biological Sensing using Nanoparticles in Microfluidic Systems", Recent Patents on Nanotechnology, 7:81-90, 2013.

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36.      Kin Fong Lei, Péter Baranyi, Yeung Yam*, “Complexity Minimalisation of Non-singleton Based Fuzzy-Neural Network”, International Journal of Advanced Computational Intelligence, 4(4):1-8, 2000.

Fulltime Employment





Current: Chang Gung University

Graduate Institute of Medical Mechatronics

Associate Professor

2014 / 08 to present

Past experience:

Chang Gung University

Graduate Institute of Medical Mechatronics

Assistant Professor

2010 / 09 to 2014 / 07

Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Research Institute of Innovative Products and Technologies


2007 / 10 to 2010 / 06

Hong Kong Productivity Council

Materials Technology Devision

Associate Consultant

2006 / 10 to 2007 / 09

University of Western Ontario, Canada

Surface Science Western

Postdoctoral Fellow

2006 / 03 to 2006 / 09


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