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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Doctor of Philosophy Program
- Overview
- Course Requirements
- Qualifying Exam
- English Proficiency Qualification
- Graduation Thesis

The Doctor of Philosophy program in the Department of Mechanical Engineering is a research-focused program. Each student is required to write a graduation thesis presenting an original contribution to knowledge and fulfill the requirment of coursework. Students regularly complete their program in four years but no more than nine years. 

Course Requirements
Students enrolled in the PhD program must complete 30 credits including:
- Four Seminar courses for the first and the second year (4 credits)
- Two English Technical Writing courses (2 credits)
- Graduation thesis (6 credits)
- Three elective courses from ME (9 credits)
- Three elective courses from ME or other departments (9 credits)
Remarks: For international students, English taught courses (excl. Seminar and graduation thesis) in the University can be accepted with conditions of a limitation of 24 credits and approval from advisor.
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Qualifying Exam
To become a PhD candidate, qualifying exam must be passed within 3 years of registration for full-time students and 5 years of registration for part-time students. The qualifying exam evaluates both professional knowledge and the proposed research of the student.

Student must pass three subjects either through a written exam or course taken (1/3 in the class).

Research Proposal
Student must submit a research proposal to an exam committee composed of three members of Associate Professor (or above) before the scheduled date of exam. On the exam, student give a presentation summarizing the research proposal of no more than 30 minutes. Follwoing the presentation, committee members raise questions and assess the feasibility, progress, suitability, and satisfactory of the research proposal.
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English Proficiency Qualification
Before the PhD completion, student is required to pass the English capability threshold (TOEFL iBT > 71, TOEFL CBT > 197, TOEFL PBT > 530, GEPT, TOEIC > 750, IELTS > 5.5, or FLPT (written) > 240 and FLPT (oral) > S-2+).
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Graduation Thesis
The PhD program in ME is a research-focused program. The graduation thesis is the primary component of PhD completion and the scientific contribution of the student. The thesis must present an original and significant contribution to knowledge in a subject field. The research is carried out under the supervision of a student's advior.
In order to objectively evaluate the quality of the research contribution, it is expected that the work should be published in the open literature (journal paper, conference paper, or patent) before the date of thesis defense.
Before the defense, student must submit a graduation thesis to an exam committee composed of five to nine members of Associate Professor (or above) with 1/3 external members. On the date, student gives an oral presentation and the research contribution is assessed by the exam committee.
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