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Master of Engineering (MEng)

Master of Engineering Program
- Overview
- Course Requirements
- Proposal Exam
- English Proficiency Qualification
- Graduation Thesis

The Master of Engineering program is designed for mechanical engineers who want to purse advanced professional practice. The program requires students to complete graduate-level courseworks and a research-based project that is presented as a graduation thesis. Students regularly complete their program in two years but no more than four years. 

Course Requirements
Students enrolled in the MEng program must complete 34 credits including:
- Four Seminar courses for the first and the second year (4 credits)
Graduation thesis (6 credits)
- Elective courses from ME (18 credits)
- Elective courses from ME or other departments (6 credits)
Remarks: For international students, English taught courses (excl. Seminar and graduation thesis) in the University can be accepted with conditions of a limitation of 12 credits and approval from advisor.
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Proposal Exam
In order to confirm the project objective and implementation plan, a proposal exam must be passed in the begineening of the 2nd year of the MEng program. Both written proposal and oral presentation are required to be evaluated by an exam committee.
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English Proficiency Qualification
Before the MEng completion, student is required to pass the English capability threshold (TOEFL iBT > 61, TOEFL CBT > 173, TOEFL PBT > 500, GEPT, TOEIC > 600, IELTS > 5, or FLPT > 65).
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Graduation Thesis

The MEng program in ME is a research-focused program. The graduation thesis is a partial completion of MEng program. The research is carried out under the supervision of a student's advior.
Before the defense, student must submit a graduation thesis to an exam committee composed of three members of Associate Professor (or above). On the date, student gives an oral presentation and the research contribution is assessed by the exam committee.
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