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Admission for International Students

Admissions for International Students

- Eligibility
Application Instruction
Important Dates
- Financial support
Tuition fees

According to Taiwan ministry of education (MOE), qualifications and regulatory requirements are to be satisfied for you to be eligible to apply for our graduate program as an international student. The detail documentation of the MOE regulations can be found in the following website or section 3.1 (pp. 4) in Admission Instruction for International Students 2017-2018.   
Application Instructions
The following is a quick general overview of how to apply for our ME graduate degree programs. Other detail information/regulations such as visa related documents and country specific requirements can be found in section 3.2 (pp. 7) in Admission Instruction for International Students 2017-2018:   
- You must fill out the online application form and follow the enclosed instructions carefully.
- Complete (or most up-to-date) academic record / transcript(s): A verified photocopy of your post-secondary institutional academic record/transcript(s). One notarized translated copy (in English or Chinese) is necessary if the original document is not in English or Chinese. 
- Supporting documents:
o  Statement of study plan (Letter of intent): Explain why you wish to join our program. Describe your research interest, career goals, the courses you intend to take, etc.
o  Curriculum vitae
o  Master thesis (for PhD applicants)
- Proof of English language proficiency: You are required to submit your official English proficiency test score. The following is a list acceptable English proficiency tests and their minimum score requirements:
o  TOFEL: 480 (157 for CBT and 54 for iBT) or higher
o  TOIEC: 520 or higher
o  IELTS: 4 or higher
If you meet any one of the following conditions, you are not required to submit proof of proficiency in English:
o  You've completed your degree in a country where English is spoken as native language.
o  You are from a country where English is the official language.
- Submit your application materials: submit your application package via a global courier with tracking numbers to the following address:
Admissions Section
Office of Academic Affairs, Chang Gung University
No. 259, Wenhua 1st Rd.
Guishan Dist., Taoyuan City, 33302
Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Important Dates
Applicants must submit complete applications by the indicated deadline. Incomplete applications will not be considered for admission. The following are some crucial dates to keep in mind:
Semester Application Deadline Offer of Admission
2017 Fall April 14 2017 June 1 2017
2018 Spring October 31 2017 December 1 2017
*Source: Admission for International Students

The acceptance list will be announced on the website and a letter of admission will be mailed to the admitted students individually.
Financial Support
For those international freshmen who are admitted by CGU would receive the financial aids for their first academic semester. The support period is no less than one semester for PhD students and Master students, contingent upon academic performance.
Amount Duration Total
PhD 9,000 NTD/Mo 5 Months 45,000 NTD
Master 5,000 NTD/Mo 5 Months 25,000 NTD
*Note that, financial aids does not include student accident insurance, health insurance, housing, utilities, and other additional fees. Visit here for detail estimation of your living expenses.

In addition to the above, our department provide teaching assistant positions as well as stipend from your potential advisor's research funding to cover your tuitions and living expenses. Please contact professors of your interest for further information regarding to the stipend he/she will be offering.
For additional details and for available scholarships, please visit Office of Academic Affairs website or section 3.3 (pp. 13) in Admission Instruction for International Students 2017-2018.
Tuition Fees
International full-time PhD/Master students are eligible for a full tuition waiver for the first academic year. For PhD students, the tuition waiver may carry through second to fourth year pending on satisfactory academic performance. For Master students, the tuition waiver may carry through to second year pending on satisfactory academic performance.

The following are the tuitions for our PhD and master programs. Note that the listed are currently only for reference. The updated tuitions will be announced in mid-August 2017 per announcement made by the office of accounting. 
PhD Master
per semester 45,554 NTD 45,554 NTD
per year 91,108 NTD 91,108 NTD
*Source: Office of Academic Affairs