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Prof. Shih-Jung Liu

Shih-Jung Liu  

Research area: Polymer materials and processing; Biomaterials
Laboratory: Polymer Pheology and Processing Lab
Tel: +886-3-2118800 ext. 5347 (Office), 5724 (Lab)

- Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA (1992)
- B.S., National Taiwan University, Taiwan (1986)

- Associate Professor, Chang Gung University, Taiwan (1993-2001)
- Visiting Professor, Aachen University of Technology, Germany (2000)
- Visiting Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan (1998)
- Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, McMaster University, Canada (1993)

Honor and Awards:
Annual Morand Lamble Awardee, International Polymer Processing Society (2008)

Selected Publications:
  1. Y.Y Tseng, J.Y. Liao, W.A. Chen, Y.C. Kao, S.J. Liu*, Biodegradable poly[(d,l)-lactide-co-glycolide] nanofibers for the sustainable delivery of lidocaine into the epidural space after laminectomy,Nanomedicines, 9, 77-87 (2014) (IF=5.012) (SCI) (指導作者)
  2. C.H. Lee, Y.H. Lin, S.H. Chang, C.D. Tai, S.J. Liu*, Y. Chu, C.J. Wang, M.Y. Hsu, H.Chang, G.J. Chang, K.C. Hung, M.J. Hsieh, F.C. Lin, I.C. Hsien, M.S. Wen, Y. Huang, Local Sustained Delivery of Acetylsalicylic Acid via Hybrid Stent/Biodegradable Nanofibers Reduces Adhesion of Blood Cells and Promotes Re-Endothelialization to the Denuded Artery, International Journal of Nanomedicine,9, 311-326 (2014) (IF=3.463) (SCI) (指導作者)
  3. J.J. Wu, H.W. Lee, J.H. You, Y.C. Kau, S.J. Liu*, Adsorption of silver ions on polypyrrole embedded electrospun nanofibrous polyethersulfone membranes, Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 420, 145-151 (2014) (IF=3.107) (SCI) (指導作者)
  4. C.H. Lee, S.H. Chang, Y.H. Lin, S.J. Liu*, C.J. Wang, M.Y. Hsu, K.C. Hung, Y.H. Yeh, W.J. Chen, I.C. Hsieh, M.S. Wen, Acceleration of re-endothelialization and inhibition of neointimal formation using hybrid biodegradable nanofibrous rosuvastatin-loaded stents, Biomaterials, 35, 4417-4427 (2014) (IF=7.604) (SCI) (指導作者)
  5. C.H. Lee, M.J. Hsieh, S.H. Chang, Y.H. Lin, S.J. Liu*, T.Y. Lin, K.C. Hung, J.H.S. Pang, J.H. Juang, Enhancement of Diabetic Wound Repair Using Biodegradable Nanofibrous Metformin-Eluting Membranes: in Vitro and in Vivo, ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 6, 3979-3986 (2014)(IF=5.014) (SCI) (指導作者)
  6. C.H. Lee, K.S. Liu, G.H. Jhong, S.J. Liu*, M.Y. Hsu, C.J. Wang, K.C. Hung, Finite Element Analysis of Helical Flows in Human Aortic Arch: A Novel Index, Biomicrofluidics, 8, 024111 (1-13) (2014) (IF=3.385) (SCI) (指導作者)
  7. C.H. Lee, G.H. Jhong, M.Y. Hsu, S.J. Liu*, C.J. Wang, K.C. Hung, Effect of force-induced mechanical stress at the coronary artery bifurcation stenting: Relation to in-stent restenosis, Journal of Applied Physics, 115, 204904 (1-9) (2014) (IF=2.210) (SCI) (指導作者)
  8. C.H. Lee, C.Y. Yu, S.H. Chang, K.C. Hung, S.J. Liu*, C.J. Wang, M.Y. Hsu, I.C. Hsieh, W.J. Chen, Y.S. Ko, M.S. Wen, Promoting Endothelial Recovery and Reducing Neointimal Hyperplasia Using Sequential-like Release of Acetylsalicylic Acid and Paclitaxel-loaded Biodegradable Stents,International Journal of Nanomedicine, 9, 4117-4133 (2014) (IF=4.195) (SCI) (指導作者)
  9. Y.H. Hsu, D.W.C. Chen, C.D. Tai, S.J. Liu*, E.C. Chan, Biodegradable drug-eluting nanofibers enveloped implants providing sustained release of high bactericidal concentrations of vancomycin and ceftazidime: In vitro and in vivo study, International Journal of Nanomedicine, 9, 4347-4355 (2014)(IF=4.195) (SCI) (指導作者)
  10. Y.C. Kau, C.C. Liao, Y.C. Chen, S.J. Liu*, Sustained Release of Lidocaine from Solvent-free Biodegradable Poly[(d,l)-lactide-co-glycolide] (PLGA): In vitro and in vivo study, Materials, 7, 6660-6676 (2014) (IF=1.879) (SCI) (指導作者)